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Students are sent on educational trips from school thus developing in them a sense of responsibility and broadening their outlooks and spirit of enquiry. Students have travelled to Gwalior Delhi Agra, Ranthambor, Jaipur, Goa, Panchmarhi, Bombay, Mysore, Bangalore, Kanya Kumari, Manali, Mussoorie Nepal, and Chandigarh. Students are also sent to visit the local historical sites of Gwalior and Shivpuri along with special visits to Madhav national park and the Hydel power plant at Madi Khera dam and factory visits Students of primary section are sent on picnics and visit social institutions.

Adventure Tour At Pachmari

A new project has been introduced in the school curriculum for the students of 11th standard," ADVENTURE CAMP". The purpose of this project is to familiarise students with different adventure activities and get exposure of a camping This year location was decided as Pachmarhi and a renowned tour management agency was assigned with the task. The dates were fixed as, 18th November- 23rd November 2017. 53 students (female & male) along with teachers Amrat Bajpai, Manoj Meetai, Bharath, Rashmi R and tour coordinator Mr. Niraj Gondal set off by 4:30 pm. The Principal, Mr. Padmesh Thapliyal, flagged off the journey with his warm wishes. .

The camp was very pretty and colourful. There were 24 tents, separate washrooms for boys and girls, also a messing and gathering area. Each tent has 2-3 sleeping bags. 3 tents were allotted to females and rest for males. Mr. Pandey,camp coordinator took students to the ground and started the activities with some new games like communication, (to develop team spirit, coordination and discipline) Tree-Sparrow-Earthquake (to improve agility, concentration, swift movement and coordination) and Ayse-Vayse-Jayse-Kayse (a psycho motor coordination game, mind alertness, quick response and sportsman spirit)

On the same evening, the team went for trekking to Jathaashankar, and also visited 'Amma mai' and Begam Palace Students trekked in full discipline and followed each and every instruction given by the instructor, Mr. Pandey. The team trekked around 20 kilometres and returned camp to enjoy the music and dinner alongside the camp fire. Music is soothing when it is soft. Loud music always disturbs the sleep. This theory was used in the camp to wake up students at 5 am. Activities of the day initiated with jogging to another ground inside the forest, where they were taught various patterns of clapping and laughing and some stretching. All these activities were well coordinated to enhance different fitness level such as to elevate body-mind coordination and improve blood circulation to set a positive mood

After breakfast, the team trekked towards a site, where a number of activities were awaiting children such as, climbing and rappelling atv bike ride, bamboo-burma-tyre bridge along with some optional activities like para-sailing and bungee jumping

Climbing and rappelling is conducted with the help of 3 instructors. All safety measures were taken, in which harness were worn by students. The task was very tough in the beginning, as it was a natural rock and there were no external help provided for them. After reaching the top of the mountain students were enthusiastic to declare their win. Rappelling was conducted using same harness and belay, but rope was different. With the help climbing and rappelling has intensified students confidence, learned how to overcome fear and balancing their body through core strengthening.

Most of the other activities were recreational for the entertainment of students as well to boost their enthusiasm to do something different and better. Students were excited to move from one to another, which has in return has motivated them to try whatever comes in their way.

In the afternoon, a game was organised. "Mr. Pandey was kidnapped by the Zombies, while he was perambulating inside the forest. At the same time he holds a treasure with him that too must be recovered before zombies' reaches it and team who finds the treasure will be the winner

Students were excited to find Mr. Pandey, and they jumped and ran through the hard path of the forest in search of their instructor. They followed instructions to find clue card at different places and finally they reached Mr. Pandey. But treasure was yet to be found. They picked almost all the stones and rocks as well as leafs lying there in search of treasure. Finally they got a clue that treasure is always guarded by some living thing, sudden some students ran to Mr. Pandey, and searched him for the treasure and succeeded. The team headed by Jatin won this competition.

During this activity alone, students walked around 7-8 kms. This was a group activity which generated confidence to overcome all obstacles, curiosity, competitive spirit, alertness and disciple among students.

Before dinner students were asked to perform a comedy skit. Bee Fall Stars headed by Ayush and their theme was seeking permission from Lallu's family to go for adventure camp, at Pachmarhi won the top prize. It was performed in local village language to make it more entertaining. All the 5 teams performed well and all enjoyed every skit. Aim of this competition was to understand how quickly can students respond to any situation and how can they coordinate and execute their mission

On the 3rd day, session started with trekking to the hill top where Captain James Forsyth camped while discovering Pachmarhi in 1862. Rest of the day was allotted for site seeing and the team visited places like Handi Khoh, Mahadeo hills, Bison Lodge , Bee Fall and Dhoopgarh. Returning from site seeing, a night trekking was planned for the same night. The instructions included to walk like a hunter, maintain pin-drop silence, don't touch anything on the way etc.

Site seeing helped students to increase their knowledge in different aspects of life, such as religion, history and nature. With the aid of night trekking, students were able to adapt themselves to their night vision ability and move in discipline by following the path, prescribed by the coordinator. The team trekked around 10-12km the same night.

Day 4, the last day of the camp was a leisure day, Rajendra Giri Garden, boating, zip line, Pandava caves, bike (automatic- modified) riding and horse riding, air rifle shooting and photo session were on the agenda.. The camp had given students a lot more than their expectations. Foremost was to overcome their fear, know different types of adventure activities and explore some history to strengthen their wisdom.

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