School is registered with quality circle forum of India under A.P. (Telangana Area) Public Societies Act 1350 F (No. 2812 of 1982).

It was a new endeavor to make the students competent, develop problem-solving and leadership skills.

In the current session 8 circles are active under the supervision of expert teachers. Students or Classes IX to XII are involved in the circle.

The Quality circle began with a special workshop undertaken under the guidance of Mr. Mishra(Director -Godrej Pvt. Com. Ltd.)


Quality Control

by Arunima Saxena

Happy Days School

Having seen the problems prevailing in the school, a quality control circle was established in July 2012. A group of high school students along with the guiding teachers sat to find out all the problems and hardships of the school and listed them. After thought of a few days and having views of all the members, a problem which required quick and effective control was selected to sort out. The problem was – a rush towards canteens, followed by chaos during recess and a dirty ground.
After observing the situation carefully, the project was divided into two parts – maintaining proper queues in canteens and preventing students from throwing garbage in the ground.
Plans were made and duties were assigned to the concerning students. The duties were divided into two halves of the break time, the first ten minutes and the next ten minutes so that the student members could have their breakfast as well.
Three – four students were recruited at the canteens to check for proper queues and preventing chaos. Students in pairs looked after different parts of the ground encouraging other students to throw junk and waste into the dustbin instead of the ground.
During their mission the quality control members faced lots of problems like students escaping their eyes end creating indiscipline and bullying of senior students. But these were sorted out by increasing security tightness and awarding punishment to the undisciplined students.
These efforts had very good results. A drastic change was observed in the canteen area and was appreciated by teachers and student.
In this concern, five students with their mission in charge teacher also went to attend a quality control conference held at Gwalior on………………. There they had a presentation regarding their efforts and conclusions which was greatly applauded by the people.
Quality control circle now looks ahead to root out more problems prevailing in the school and thus add to the glory of the school.